November 18, 2017
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Glove Turkey

Make a Glove Turkey

Make a cute Thanksgiving table decoration using three different-color, small, stretch-knit gloves (yellow; orange or red; and brown). You can find these inexpensive gloves at any department store. Stuff the yellow and the orange or red glove with polyester fill. Sew the cuff ends shut. Stuff the brown glove for the turkey's front with a little more filling so that you get a nice "stomach." Stitch the cuff end shut, and tack the thumb to the front to form the turkey's head. Glue or sew the other two stuffed gloves to the back of the brown glove. Spread the fingers, and make sure that the turkey balances well on a flat surface.

Decorate the turkey with a felt beak, Pilgrim hat, vest, and tie. Attach tiny button eyes. If you like, you can put the turkey on a plate decorated with leaves, moss, and dried flowers for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Illustration by Margo Letourneau

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